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Play Therapy (Beginner): Effective Parenting Strategies

Presenter:  Sonia Hinds, APRN, PMH-BC, RPT-S
Date:  August 11, 2018
Time:  8:30am - 4:30pm
CEU’s:  6, Category 1
Cost: $150 by 7/21/18

         $175 after 7/21/18

Parents often seek pediatricians as first-responders for significant behavioral issues among children. Pediatricians then defer to therapists for complicated cases. Being equipped with practical and effective discipline and effective parenting strategies are therefore essential for play therapists and child psychotherapists. This workshop will provide practical and useful information to guide parents, based on the work of Rudolf Dreikurs, Amy Lew, Betty Lou Bettner (Adlerian Psychology), Garry Landreth (A.C.T Model), and Becky Bailey (Conscious Discipline). Additionally, participants will learn how to apply Adlerian principles in the play therapy process.

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe the formula for effective parenting.
2. Recall the Crucial C’s and the Goals of Misbehavior as applied to parenting and play therapy process.
Describe at least 3 methods of discipline.

4. Recall 12 valuable parenting strategies.
5. Recall the difference between theraplay and PCIT used in families in play therapy.
6. Demonstrate how to guide parents to better connect with their children using play therapy techniques.

Ms. Hinds is the Founder and Executive Director of Chesapeake Beach Professional Seminars. Founder and Director of Barstow Acres Children’s Center, a non-profit organization that provides children’s mental health services.  Trained in Gestalt play therapy with Violet Oaklander (retired). Authored chapter, Play Therapy with African-American Children in text, Cultural Issues in Play Therapy  by Eliana Gil, PhD, RPT-S and Athena Drewes, PsyD, RPT-S.