"My son is motivated to speak with his therapist and never tires to make excuses not to attend. We only missed one appointment because of his illness (sore throat)."

"My husband and I have been in couples therapy before and both agree that [our therapist] is the best. She is so thoughtful and has helped us address out communication issues more appropriately."

"My counselor listened carefully to my problems and swiftly created strategies that solved my problems."

"Our counselor has worked really hard to help us tackle the relationship issues that have been brought up or discovered in session. She helps us think critically of our own contribution to the situation and leads us to self-improvement, as opposed to simply dishing out answers."

"The people at Baltimore Washington Counseling Center are very welcoming and nice."

"Because of therapy, I have calmed down about my anger and have been feeling less angry. I can also control my anger better now."


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