Lego-Based Social Skills Groups

Wednesdays at 4:45pm - 1st-4th graders
Wednesdays at 5:45pm - 5th-7th graders

Join this eight-week Lego-Based social skills group as a fun way to learn and practice perspective-taking, flexibility, listening and following directions, impulse control, sustaining attention, sharing, staying within roles, conflict resolution, and much more!

  • Week 1-3: We will learn Club Rules, practice pre-building and building skills, learn about the different roles of Supplier, Builder, and Engineer, and how to earn Lego Points.
  • Week 4-7: We will build an entire Lego Set using skills we have learned.
  • Week 8: We will process and review skills we have learned and our experience in joining Group.  

Email for out-of-pocket cost or insurances covered.