Check out the descriptions of our current groups below and contact the group leader via the provided information if you are interested in learning more or would like to join the group.

You may also view our up-to-date group calendar schedule HERE.

Lego-Based Social Skills Groups

Wednesdays at 4:45pm - 1st-4th graders
Wednesdays at 5:45pm - 5th-7th graders

Join this eight-week Lego-Based social skills group as a fun way to learn and practice perspective-taking, flexibility, listening and following directions, impulse control, sustaining attention, sharing, staying within roles, conflict resolution, and much more!

  • Week 1-3: We will learn Club Rules, practice pre-building and building skills, learn about the different roles of Supplier, Builder, and Engineer, and how to earn Lego Points.
  • Week 4-7: We will build an entire Lego Set using skills we have learned.
  • Week 8: We will process and review skills we have learned and our experience in joining Group.  

Email for out-of-pocket cost or insurances covered.

Smart Recovery

FREE! EVERY TUESDAY from 7pm-8pm

Smart Recovery is a FREE self-empowerment group to help those with addictions, both of substance and behavioral addictions. Everyone is welcome! Check out for more information.

Please contact Kristen Zacheis, LCSW-C for more information or to join the group at 410-768-6088 ext 104 or

Teen Girls Empowerment Group

EVERY WEDNESDAY from 5:30pm-6:15pm

Open, non-judgmental atmosphere that allows for adolescents girls to explore, understand and value their authentic and unique selves, and to teach them skills that will enable them to practice compassion for self and others, act with integrity and self-discipline, use healthy coping skills, both cognitively and behaviorally, and to meet life challenges, and sent and achieve realistic goals. Topics include: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, family conflict, building healthy relationships, improving coping skills and much more.

Please contact Nicole Barbour, LCPC for more information or to join the group at 410-768-6088 ext. 111 or